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HI Everyone,

I hear this question ALL the time, and as the principal of a school, I deal with this situation constantly. The kids with ADD are worth our time and energy… they are going to be running the companies that we work for some day soon. Eighty-nine percent of all Entrepreneurs have one form or another of A.D.D…

Here’s the thing – in school, kids need to learn to work within a BOX of expectations and schedules. When they go out into the world, they can live outside of the box, create their own box, or skillfully walk the edge of a box.

I suggest that you open up a good line of communication between you and the teacher. Let down your defenses. The teacher is looking to you for suggestions of what works for you with your kid… You also need to listen to the teacher’s suggestions, since your child is with this teacher a big chunk of the day.

Go to school tomorrow with a new appreciation for your kid’s teacher’s role; become her partner. Start this evening by setting time blocks and a schedule for your child’s bedtime routine. Include in that routine packing lunch and putting that in the refrigerator, packing the backpack and putting it by the door, and laying out your child’s clothes (with him choosing and doing the work) for the morning. You will be on a good path to success!

Go out and make it a great day… just think, the good thing is that with ADD kids, you make each day great 10 times over because your child goes in so many directions so many times a day. Think of it like the movie, Forty First Dates!